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Welcome to Text Based Games! presents several text-based, role-playing games that can be played through your SocialKicks account. Invite your friends to join you in games such as Weed Wars, Jailhouse Life, Gladiator Games, or others. Compete against your SocialKicks or Facebook friends in any one of these text-based games.

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Decay of Camelot Rebirth
The time has come for the rebirth of the Decay of Camelot. Once upon a time, King Arthur ruled the lands, dispensing peace and bringing prosperity to its people. Since King Arthur's death, the realm has fallen into ruin! Once a beautiful land full of w

Total Players: 631 | Players Online: 6

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Outlaw Bikers
We’re always looking for the next ride, the fumes of gas, and the roar of the bike, but they’re always right behind us. They see our rides, our patches, and our numbers so they call us drug dealers, felons, criminals, or worse. They don’t want us near thei

Total Players: 861 | Players Online: 3

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Decay of Camelot Tournament
This is the tournament version of Decay of Camelot which resets every 8 weeks but has prizes! It has been only a short time since our King has fallen. King Arthur, as it seems, was the only thing holding this great kingdom together. Now, less than 50 ye

Total Players: 1927 | Players Online: 3

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East vs West
Welcome to East vs West! East vs West is a unique version of our traditional games where you pick a city. You are either in the city "East" or you are in the city "West" and you will be competing against the other city. As you compete against the other cit

Total Players: 438 | Players Online: 1

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