Weed Wars Tournament
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Weed Wars Tournament
Weed Wars Tournament
Weed Wars Tournament
This version of Weed Wars is very similar to the continuous Weed Wars Game. However, there are a few key differences:

1. This is a round game! Every 8 weeks, the game will end and all accounts will be reset. The player who has the most weed on them or in their safehouse at the end of the round will win! Others will take places after that, and a variety of trophies and positions will be awarded to players.

Track the Leaderboard to see where you stand in the rankings for most weed!

2. Users will be able to do a special attack that allows them to destroy the weed in your safehouse by attacking it. Therefore, none of your weed is truly safe!

3. This version is only available through the SocialKicks.com network.

Total Players: 256 | Players Online: 0

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