Current round will be ending on November 11th, 2018. We will be having a Judgment Day, the last day of this round. A last man standing tournament will start at 12:00pm PST game time. Once you are attacked and lose, you are dead and can no longer participate until the tournament is over. After the tournament, accounts will be reset to starting stats, and any prizes won in the tournament will then be credited to the winners' accounts.
The tournament is available to all players who are above level 15 and that have been active within the last 10 days.
The last player left alive will receive $400 in SK Credit.
Second through Fifth place in the Rumble will also receive point prizes, based on what place they finished in.
2 place in total stats will get 1500 SK credits. (or first place if the winner of Rumble)
3 Place in total stats will get 750 SK credits. (or second place if the winner of Rumble)
Everything will be reset at the start of the new round. The only thing that does not reset is Respected Player (subscriber) Days left. This will include all stats, money, houses, points, gangs and any items All players will start back at level 1 as to give everyone a chance to be on top next round. Prizes from the current tournament will be awarded after the reset.
We will be giving a prize for 2 things. The General that has the number one Militia will receive 5,000 points for next round.The Lieutenant General, if not the same as General, will also receive 2,500 points for the next round. The top 10 members (not General nor Lieutenant General) in that Militia will receive 1,500 points for the next round and the other members of that Militia, if any, will receive 500 points for the next round. If anyone in the winning Militia is 20 days or under in the militia will not get a prize. The General will also be able to pick the color (other than Green) that he/she would like for their militia on the online players page. Lastly, the top 15 players in the Hall of Fame for Total Stats will receive 2,000 points to start the new round with.
Prizes This Round:
1st Place in Rumble: $400 SK Credit
2nd Place in Rumble: 20,000 Points
3rd Place in Rumble: 10,000 Points
4th Place in Rumble: 5,000 Points
5th Place in Rumble: 1,000 Points
2nd place in total stats 1500 SK credits. (or first place if the winner of Rumble)
3rd place in total stats 750 SK credits. (or second place if the winner of Rumble)
Top 15 Players in Hall of Fame Total Stats: 3,000 points
Top Company's Boss: 7,500 points
Top Company's Underboss: 5,000 points
Top Company's Top 10 Members: 1,500 points
Top Company's Remaining Members: 500 points
Top Company Chooses Display Color for Online Players List
(Top Company's Members must be in for 14 days to qualify)
RUMBLE is on November 11th, 2018 at 12:00 PM Game Time!
Congratulations to the winners of the Rumble on and the top players for the round! Results are as follows:
1st Place in Rumble - $400 Game Credit: Hope [17276]
2nd Place in Rumble - 20,000 Points: angry [17279]
3rd Place in Rumble - 10,000 Points: Kitchi Boi [9340]
4th Place in Rumble - 5,000 Points: :( [17274]
5th Place in Rumble - 1,000 Points: archer [15784]
2nd Place Total Stats - 1500 Game Credit: [NTZ] PuRpLeKuSh [1353]
3rd Place Total Stats - 750 Game Credit: ‡± Ðü©Kÿ ±‡ [5959]
Top 15 in Total Stats - 3,000 Points:
1: [NTZ] PuRpLeKuSh [1353]
2: ‡± Ðü©Kÿ ±‡ [5959]
3: [NTZ] Hope [17276]
4: [NTZ] Kitchi Boi [9340]
5: [NTZ] :( [17274]
6: KiNg~KuSh [16782]
7: [NTZ] ~~REAPER~~ [17113]
8: jailed man [17275]
9: angry [17279]
10: [NTZ] archer [15784]
11: Stoner scott [16726]
12: [NTZ] DeMoN~Product19 [17259]
13: Demon~666 [17072]
14: Mr.Cello [17277]
15: predator0 [17272]
Top Militia's Color: 
Top Boss - 7,500 points: ‡± Ðü©Kÿ ±‡ [5959]
Top Underboss - 5,000 points: Stoner scott [16726]
Top 10 Members - 1,500 points (must have been in the Militia for 20 days): 
jailed man [17275]
Check out the "Prizes" page for details on the next rumble, which will occur at 12PM PST on Sunday, January 6th, 2019!


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