Current round of JailHouseLife will be ending February 3rd, 2019 at 12:00 pm pst

This will be a last-man-standing tournament. The one player who survives will win $400 in SK Credits to your SocialKicks account.

Second, third, forth and fifth surviving player during Rumble will receive point prizes for the next round on Only players level 15 and up and active in the past 10 days are qualified for this tournament.

Everything but subscriber days will be reset. This includes money, points, items, houses and stats you have, except of course any prizes won in the rumble.

Prizes for this round to be awarded at the start of the next:

First Prize: $400 in SK credits on!
2nd Place: 30,000 Points
3rd Place: 15,000 Points
4th Place: 10,000 Points
5th Place: 5,000 Points

2nd place in total stats $100 SK/Game credit. (or first place if not also the winner of Rumble)
3rd place in total stats $50 SK/Game credit. (or second place if not also the winner of Rumble)

The Top 15 Players in Hall of Fame Total Stats will win 3,000 points each!

Additionally the Gang with the most respect at the end of the round will win prizes:
President: 15,000 Points
Vice President: 10,000 Points
All Members 1,000 Points

You must be a member of the winning gang for at least 5 days to be eligible for prizes.

Get ready to rumble every 8 weeks for SK prizes!



Congratulations to the winners of the Rumble on and the top players for the round! Results are as follows:

1st Place in Rumble - $400 SK Credit: minime [12505]

2nd Place in Rumble - 30,000 Points: Despair [16601]

3rd Place in Rumble - 15,000 Points: .Blue. [16423]

4th Place in Rumble - 10,000 Points: DeMoN~Product19 [16566]

5th Place in Rumble - 5,000 Points: Stoner scott [16004]


1st Place Total Stats - $100 Game Credit: [NT] Despair [16601]

2nd Place Total Stats - $50 Game Credit: [DUK] ~Ducky~ [5435]


Top 15 in Total Stats - 3,000 Points:

1: [NT] Despair [16601]

2: [DUK] ~Ducky~ [5435]

3: [NT] minime [12505]

4: [DUK] DeMoN~Product19 [16566]

5: KiNg~KuSh [15736]

6: [NT] .Blue. [16423]

7: [NT] Pain [16599]

8: Painters [16618]

9: Smoke [16600]

10: [DUK] Stoner scott [16004]

11: [NT] KOOL [14131]

12: jailed man [16594]

13: predator [14568]

14: [NT] Galactus [16234]

15: Coffee [16627]


Top Gang: [DUK] ~DUK Empire~   

Top President - 15,000 points: ~Ducky~ [5435]

Top Vice President - 10,000 points: Stoner scott [16004]

Top 10 Members - 1,000 points (must have been in the Gang for 5 days): 

1st: DeMoN~Product19 [16566]

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