The tournament occurs every 8 weeks and involves a radical change in game play for the day! No new accounts can be made on Rumble Day and only players level 15 and above that have been active within the previous 30 days are allowed to participate.

The goal of Tournament is to be the last one still living at the end of the day. Players will "die" when they are killed by other players, rather than go to the hospital. Dead players can watch the action but are not able to participate.

Whoever is left standing at the end of the day gets a $400 SK CREDITS to the FairGamers Game of their choice. 2nd through 5th Place in the rumble will also receive point prizes (see below). Second place in the Total Stats will get 1000 SK Credits and third place in the Total Stats will get 500 SK Credits on (or first and second, if first is not the winner of rumble). In addition, the top 15 Players in Total Stats on the Hall Of Fame will be awarded 1500 points to start the new round out with!

The next Tournament is Sunday, November 4th, 2018, at 12:00pm (Noon) Pacific time.

After the Tournament, the game is reset for another round.

Good luck!

***Guild Contest***
The Guild with the most respect at the end of the round will be awarded prizes to the president, vice president, and its members. (All guild members must have been in the guild at least 10 days at the end of the round to be awarded a prize.)

1. President will receive 5,000 points to start out the new round with
2. Vice President will receive 2,500 points to start the new round out with.
3. Top 10 members in the guild will get 1,250 points to start the new round with (This does not include the President or Vice President).
4. All other members of the guild will get 500 points to start the new round with.
5. The President of the Top Guild gets to choose the Top Guild's color for the new round.

**Only 1 guild prize will be awarded per player**

Prizes This Round:
1st Place: $400 SK CREDITS to the FairGamers Game of Your Choice
2nd Place: 20,000 Points
3rd Place: 10,000 Points
4th Place: 5,000 Points
5th Place: 2,500 Points

2nd place in total stats: 1000 SK Credits. (or first if not also winner of rumble)
3rd place in total stats: 500 SK Credits. (or second if not also winner of rumble)
Top 15 Players in Hall of Fame Total Stats: 1,500 points
Top Guild's President: 5,000 points 
Top Guild's Vice President: 2,500 points
Top Guild's Top 10 Members: 1,500 points (not including President or VP)
Top Guild's Remaining Members: 500 points (in for 10 days)
Top Guild Chooses Display Color for Online Players List


Here are the results: 

Congratulations to the winners of the Rumble on and the top players for the round! Results are as follows:

1st Place: $400 SK Credits: High legend OG [7157]

2nd Place: 20,000 Points: FU [7557]

3rd Place: 10,000 Points: Godlikely [7127]

4th Place: 5,000 Points: PuRpLeKuSh [41]

5th Place: 2,500 Points: @}DuCkY [7126]


2nd Place in Total Stats - 1000 SK Credit: [] FU [7557]

3rd Place in Total Stats - 500 SK Credit: [NTZ] ladyredbush [4460]


Top 15 in Total Stats - 1,500 Points:

1 [] High legend OG [7157]

2 [] FU [7557]

3 [NTZ] ladyredbush [4460]

4 Justplayin [6565]

5 Duggiedfresh [7537]

6 [NTZ] PuRpLeKuSh [41]

7 [] @}DuCkY [7126]

8 [] Monster mash [7337]

9 Jonathan [7564]

10 [] Godlikely [7127]

11 [] Nite [7558]

12 reaper27124 [7433]

13 SavLifeDoom [7534]

14 Tala [7569]

15 rest in peace [7292]


Top Guild: Chill   

Top Guild's Color: 

Top Guild's President - 5,000 points: FU [7557]

Top Guild's Vice President - 2,500 points: High legend OG [7157]

Top 10 Members - 1,500 points: 10 days in gang required

@}DuCkY [7126]

Monster mash [7337]

Godlikely [7127]

Nite [7558]



Check out the "Prizes" page for details on the next rumble, which will occur at 12PM PST on Sunday, December 23rd, 2018!


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