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Swap a Smiley

 Swap a Smiley 

Title:  Swap a Smiley
Arrange the smiley faces so that there are 3 or more faces of the same colour in a row
Category:     Puzzle and Strategy / Puzzles
Plays:  392
Highscore:  14000
Your personal record:  14000
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 1. frglasc 14000
 2. InsanePrincess 7260
 3. InsanePrincess 6310
 4. SocialKicks 4520
 5. frglasc 3380
 6. frglasc 2715
 7. frglasc 1510
 8. frglasc 1445
 9. InsanePrincess 735
 10. InsanePrincess 460

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