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Neil Hodgson`s Super Jump
Jump over the buses on your superbike.
Champion: tristo09     Highscore: 302.1   

Bloody Seal Bounce
Another bloody Yeti-Sports game.
Champion: Seker     Highscore: 111716   

Mah Jong Connect
Different style of mahjong, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway.
Champion: becky     Highscore: 8770   

Cannon Ball
See The Game
Champion:     Highscore: 69200   

Scumbag Steve Rider
Draw lines and shapes and try to get Scumbag Steve to do some awesome tricks for you - keep in mind you still have to follow the rules of physics!
Champion: No Highscore

Ball Shooter
shoot the balls
Champion: Justin_fb1     Highscore: 324   

HO Slappin
Slap dat HO as hard as you can.
Champion: bobjoe     Highscore: 425   

Fukushima Meltdown
Topical Game based on the Fukushima Power plant disaster

- Reaction time and management based game play
Champion: No Highscore

Link Fest
See In The Game.
Champion: Ummm     Highscore: 20120   

Drop Kick Panda
Kick the panda as far and hard as you can and see if you can make it go very far!! Use the up and down arrows to aim your kick and then use the space bar to make the kick - make sure your energy bar has a good amount of energy so that it can go far!
Champion: No Highscore

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