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Drop Kick Panda
Kick the panda as far and hard as you can and see if you can make it go very far!! Use the up and down arrows to aim your kick and then use the space bar to make the kick - make sure your energy bar has a good amount of energy so that it can go far!
Champion: No Highscore

Scumbag Steve Rider
Draw lines and shapes and try to get Scumbag Steve to do some awesome tricks for you - keep in mind you still have to follow the rules of physics!
Champion: No Highscore

Popeye Ride
Popeye is back and this time he is going home on a bike. There are lot of spinach on road,but most of the road are not easy to ride on.Help the super popeye catch all the spinach on the way home.
Use arrow to ride the bike
Champion: No Highscore

Scooby BMX Action
Race against the ghost and reach the finish line in 1st place to unlock other levels and collect Burgers and hotdog bonus while riding, Good Luck!
Champion: No Highscore


Use WASD to drive your bus and your mouse to aim and shoot your weapon.

Your objective is to escape from the city filled with zombies and, in your way, rescue survivors.

Build your bus with upgrades and weapons, transforming it in to the perfect weapon.

Champion: No Highscore

Fukushima Meltdown
Topical Game based on the Fukushima Power plant disaster

- Reaction time and management based game play
Champion: No Highscore

Happy Wheels
try and complete all of the tough levels and guide all the way through all the danger. you can even be a man in a wheel chair.
Champion: No Highscore

Adrenaline Supercars
If you feel the need for adrenaline, this is the perfect game for you. Drive your supercar on a highway, avoid all other ordinary car, and try to destroy the rival cars to pass the level.
Champion: No Highscore

Gangsta War
Become the real gangsta. Join a gang, blast away your enemies and rule the streets!
Champion: No Highscore

Attack of the Sprouts
Defend your Christmas dinner from the attacking sprouts at all cost.
Champion:     Highscore: 1270   

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